Setting up Disqus on WordPress

I think that giving readers a possibility to comment on articles allow for a more dynamic discussion. But I have never really liked the native commenting system in wordpress. So I looked at other systems.

Many sites both large and small use Disqus, it seems like the most complete commenting system. It requires readers to have yet another login for leaving a comment. Luckily it supports Facebook login, so it only requires a few clicks to be able to leave a comment.

As explained in this article there are many different options for which commenting system to use. I did not do much additional research since I just want a solution that is easy to administrate and maintain.

Installation was quite easy, just signup on and select to add to site, then it shows a guide for how to install on wordpress. Only snag I hit was that when signing up i used my facebook profile. But when I installed the wordpress module it prompted me for username / password. Which didn’t make sense to me. It seems that behind the scenes disqus actually creates a username for you on their site. I just needed to request that i “forgot” the password, then I could set a new password and install the module.

It just works out of the box. Now I just wait for comments, so feel free to leave one.

Frederik Banke Administrator

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